What are the courses offered?

We offer programming course for kids, teens and adults. Our courses are Programming Language Courses, 3D Designing & Animation, Video Creation & Editing, App Development, Adobe Courses, Microsoft Courses, Database, Web Designing & Development Courses, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Creative Content Creation, Robotics.


What age is appropriate to understand the concept of these courses?

Age 7 and above. The courses are specially customized for different ages. We offer courses for kids, teenagers and adults.


What are the fees?

It is charged per hour.


What is the duration of the course?

The duration is usually from 10 to 12 hours.


What is the frequency of the classes?

It purely depends on the availability of slots and the choice of students if they would like to learn at what pace


Are the courses certified?

Yes, the student will receive a certificate upon completion of course.


What is the plan of lessons?

Students will have lectures with practise of writing codes and then they will be able to prepare a project at the end of the course from scratch.


If student has previous coding experience, can the still continue to learn further?

The courses are offered in 3 levels beginners, intermediate and advanced. In case student has a previous experience, they will undergo an assesment for 200 AED and will be tested on the knowledge they have. After that they will be able to continue on the suitable level of course.


Do we offer any discounts?

Yes we offer special discounts for siblings, Mom and Child Course, Summer Camps offers and occasional offers.