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Programmers Zone is a place for everyone passionate about programming. 

Our carefully designed programs and courses help in learning to code from scratch. 

The variety of courses, trainings and workshops for different age groups offered in Programmer zone expands the knowledge and thinking process to write programs. 

We take our students step by step from planning to implementation and testing and publishing process with an interactive and engaging approach.

Our main aim is providing a guided path for programming enthusiastic.

We also offer web and app development for businesses.


                        We believe in Learn, Code and Develop.

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twofour54  building 6, Floor No. 10,  Office No. 1004A




twofour54 Building 6, Floor 10th,

Office No. 1004A.


Mrs Faheem, Mother of Ayesha

My daughter loved and enjoyed the course, she is now able to develop apps. She has completed her beginners and intermediate levels of course and she is super excited to enroll in advanced course.

It is a great training center and one of its kind in Abu Dhabi.

Mrs. Anna, Mother of Gabriel

I enrolled my son in winter camp for 2 weeks at this center and I can't believe how much he use to be excited to come here every single day and learn HTML language for web development. He developed a small website for his completion of course and second for me as a Christmas present for me.

I would really really thank to Sara for teaching my son. We are looking forward for Spring camp.

Mr.Yusuf, Father of Abdullah

My son took the Python Language course, he is so happy to learn the language which he wanted from a long time. This center is the best place for coding languages. 

 Parents of Chris & Nikita

Our children attended mid term camp here and it was amazing, they learn robotics and they use to be so excited to not to be late and dont want to miss a single minute of the camp.

Wonderful job PZ. 


Testimonials From Parents